Decarbonization, AutomatedScience-based, end to end carbon footprint management solution

Aligned with global standards and frameworks

Enterprise Software to Measure, Analyze, Reduce, Offset and Report GHG Emissions

Data collection and analysis

Instantly gather accounting and operations data from enterprise sources for emissions measurement; filter, analyze, and visualize emissions

Measure and manage emissions across the value chain

Engage with suppliers and employees to reduce emissions at scale

Emissions projection

Develop emissions projections based on Business growth plans and generate scenario analyisis for data-backed decision making

Decarbonization strategy

Evaluate tailored decarbonization options in line with top global initiatives and standards; calculate & preview impact, timelines, and costs

Carbon offsetting

Easily purchase verified carbon offsets from top global projects to compensate for unavoidable residual emissions

Report climate action

Instantly generate reports compliant with key reporting frameworks for climate action disclosure

Collaborative approach

Seamlessly assign tasks, monitor progress in real-time, set deadlines and define responsibilities across the organization

Start your net zero journey today

Tailored Decarbonization Solution at Global Standards

Enhanced Measurement

GHG emission Data Collection across all scopes of emissions (Scope 1, 2, 3)

Net Zero Strategy

AI driven, science-based Decarbonization Roadmap Development

Improved Efficiency

Up to 85% in man-hours reduction for GHG data collection and management

Sound Decision Making

Data-backed Decarbonization Scenario Planning

Improved Traceability

Action Tracking for Leadership & Reporting

Audit-trail Ready

Transparent GHG Measurement & Projections based on ISO and GHG Protocol

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Closing the Climate Action Gap

Climate Change is humanity's number one challenge today; urgent decarbonization is needed to avoid the most catastrophic effects of global warming.

Yet, decarbonization is not easy for businesses: 91% of businesses are currently unable to measure their GHG emissions and take Climate Action; even less are able to achieve their carbon reduction goals.

Get Ready to Close your Climate Action Gap.

Helping governments & private organizations go net zero

Engie Jaber, Climatize

Managing Director

"Olive Gaea’s programs, teams and financial factors really stood out. Their team is highly knowledgeable about calculating carbon emissions and has guided us sincerely, step by step, on accounting for all aspects of our business and selecting the right program and helping us in attaining a zero-carbon status"

Milind Modi

VP Finance

"We have been satisfied with Olive Gaea's engagement as GII selected two of the start-up's services: the Carbon Footprint Measurement and the Tree Plantation Campaign. The onboarding process has been smooth and easy. They have guided our team and provided support to collect the data for the Carbon Footprint analysis as needed."

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