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Meet hand-picked carbon offsets that support communities and restore the planet. Affordable to everyone, anywhere, and anytime, they come with inspiring stories, real data and meaningful rewards to help you craft a resilient climate future.

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Get to know your carbon footprint and how to manage it



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For Individuals

Olive Gaea will help you embark on a climate positive journey and make your carbon offsetting routine a walk in the park.

For Businesses

Together with you, we will develop a tailored offsetting solution that resonates with your values and matters to your stakeholders.

Why Olive Gaea?

Authentic project selection

Projects that matter

High grade projects aligned with your climate goals

Tech enablement

Tech-enabled trust

We give you tools to track it and check it, anywhere, anytime

Tangible value creation

See change happen

Explore the positive impact on communities and ecosystems you support

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Why care? Where to start?

The climate is changing, fast

The climate is changing, fast

Days are getting hotter, winters shorter, extreme events are more severe and frequent. And sea level is on the rise. We are moving from a stable climate into an uncertain future. And it’s no longer a few decades away. It’s here, now.

Carbon Neutrality

Carbon-neutral: the hard way

Some of the impacts can be prevented . Yet we are all humans. We need to eat, drink, move and have fun. Businesses need to create, meet and travel to make life spin. Part of it inevitably generates emissions. This is where Olive Gaea comes in.

Carbon Footprints

Your footprint has a stake

Much of climate change is driven by global practices like burning fossil fuels, land-use change, and agriculture. Yet a great part of it depends on your lifestyle, from the travel options you choose to the food you eat, the clothes you wear and more.

Carbon Footprint Offsetting

Offsetting is your superpower

Offsetting transforms your inevitable emissions into nature-based climate solutions, such as regenerative farming, forests, and restored ecosystems. You can offset your emissions by x2, x3,x4, or as much above your actual footprint as desired.