Empower Every Customer Interaction with

Climate-Conscious Actions


Seamless Integration for Real-Time Carbon Footprint Measurement

Through a simple integration, Olive Gaea’s APIs enable you and your clients to instantly measure the carbon footprint of your products or services.


Customer-driven Offsetting

Enable customers to actively participate in reducing their environmental impact by choosing to offset emissions related to their purchases or deliveries. Put your customers in the driver’s seat providing a transparent, impactful, and verified carbon offsetting solution.


Monitor Climate Action

Gain valuable insights into your customers’ sustainability preferences. Enhance transparency and build trust in your commitment to environmental responsibility through verified carbon offsetting certificates directly from top global registries.


Manage Offsetting Projects with ease

Select and manage carbon offsetting projects with ease. Tailor your sustainability efforts and ensure they align with both your business objectives and your customers’ expectations.


Simplify Your Path to Carbon Neutrality

Join forces with Olive Gaea and streamline your sustainability journey. Our API services allow your business to easily offer carbon-offsetting options to customers, enhancing your commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Discover how you can engage with your customers and enable meaningful action.


Ready to transform your approach to environmental responsibility?