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Let's talk climate

Why should I care about climate change?
People care for climate change for different reasons but the basic idea is that we all want a liveable and thriving planet. Faster than ever in our history, contemporary climate change may erase most of life as we know it , sooner than we can imagine it. Rapid action is our only chance.
Why is it happening?
Science is certain that humans are causing it. Greenhouse gases trapped in the ground for millennia get released as we heat our homes, cook our food and commute to work. Too many of them in the atmosphere alter its chemical composition, preventing part of the solar radiation from being reflected back into space and amplifying the natural greenhouse effect.What we are currently witnessing is the greenhouse effect on steroids, taking the planet into a state of severe and constant fever. This creates an unstable, uncertain, and mighty dangerous climate.
What if we do not act?
Odds are high that we are heading for a quite uninhabitable planet by the end of the century, a 2.7-4.8 ºC warmer world . Even a 3 ºC warming would be catastrophic, within many coastal cities and islands underwater, x41 times more frequent heatwaves and 10 months of drought per year. Migration, health crises, and supply chain breakdown are surely to come along.
Much of it is catching up with us already, as strong heatwaves, water shortages, and forest fires shutter ecosystem resilience. The comfort of our lives and the future of our businesses is its next stop, making climate change one of the top three global risks.
Why have we not solved this yet?
Climate change is like nothing we’ve faced before. It’s fast, uncertain, risky, and complex. Yet until recently, it has been seductively easy not to notice. We have done this pretty well for the past 250 years, emitting more carbon than humanity has done throughout its entire history before that. Most of it has been emitted in the past 30 years, right after the world has united for its first climate deal. Fast forward 20+ years: we have the 2015 Paris Agreement, with 190 signatories to date and the goal to keep warming below 1.5 ºC warming. Only that we have already reached the1.2+ ºC milestone and there are no signs we are slowing down.
The world is not on track to sustain a liveable climate. This is why it’s time for each of us to reflect on our own story of climate. And it starts from measuring your individual or business carbon footprint.

Understanding your footprint

What do you mean by carbon footprint?
Carbon footprint is a measure of GHG emissions released due to a particular activity, such as cooling your home, heating your lunch, or taking a flight from Dubai to London. Some of the activities, like producing phones, flying planes, or eating meat are particularly carbon-intensive. Staked together over a certain period of time, those activities make up your individual or business carbon footprint.
Calculating your personal or business footprint is the first step to owning your climate story. We developed simple and accurate tools that let you find out the exact sources of emissions from your lifestyle and business operations and what can be done about them.
How big or small is my footprint compared to others?
In UAE, we generate around 22 tCO2e per person annually, which is the sixth largest per capita carbon footprint in the world. Putting this into perspective: a global average is around 4.72 tCO2e per year, while a person born in 2017 needs to emit no more than 43 tons of CO2 during their entire life, so we can all enjoy a liveable climate. Today, we emit more than half of that in a year and it is critical to learn to live within the planetary boundaries. The sooner it happens, the better.

Acting on climate and making offsetting work

How do I act on climate?
Certainly, you don’t need to be moving to the mountain hut or ditching your car for a decade to come. Of course, switching to renewables, buying an EV, and eating less meat is increasingly feasible for many. However, avoiding the car totally, or saying goodbye to planes, as recommended in a recent study, would be a challenge for many.
We are all humans, and being imperfect is just fine. We need to eat, drink, move and have fun. Businesses need to create, meet and travel. Part of it inevitably generates emissions. This is where Olive Gaea comes in.
Does offsetting really work?
The carbon offsets market is growing rapidly, driven by robust standards, good governance, and strict compliance audits. Mark Carney, the UN special envoy for climate, considers offset market “imperative … to achieve net-zero carbon emissions”.
Offsetting emissions is particularly important for those who want to rapidly shift from carbon-intensive models to climate-positive ones, helping them to weather the transitions better. Please, make sure you don’t consider this as “buying the right to emit”. On the contrary, we urge you to reduce the emissions as much as little as possible, while offsetting only what you can’t practically avoid.
Not all offsets are born equal and the rule of thumb is to purchase only real, additional, measurable, and verifiable offsets, which are the default for all projects we work with.
So this is how it works!!
For Individuals: Use our powerful carbon footprint calculator, estimate your or your family carbon footprint, select a climate project that you like, pick an offset plan, choose a multiplier(to supercharge your climate action) and subscribe to make a monthly contribution that will cover up for emissions you or your family can’t avoid. Calculate for Individual.
For Businesses: We work with you to measure or recalibrate the source of GHGs across your business operations including energy consumption and supply chain emissions. Team of our sustainability experts help you work out your Net Zero strategy and choose matching nature based offset projects and that’s not all we help you craft communication of your climate journey to your stakeholders.
Meet with us to explore.
How is the Olive Gaea Carbon Footprint Calculator works
We at OLIVE GAEA made a simplified version of Calculator to help you calculate your Carbon Footprint. You have a choice of either calculating your/your family footprint or use your Country Average value to move forward.
Our carbon footprint calculator only demands a few easy to provide inputs like how much you drive in a week, how much you travel by air in a year and some very basic inputs from your daily lifestyle.

The Methodology
Despite the fact how intuitive we made our calculator, it is backed with required science, data and complicated equations to get you the most accurate footprint. To put things in perspective, you need to:

  1. Select the country you are living; with that we fetch the “Individual Average Carbon Footprint” value in your country from the government data published by the Ministry of your country.

  2. You can input the number of people in your house to calculate the Carbon Footprint for your entire family.

  3. With a few clicks and drags you provide inputs on how much you drive in a week, how much you travel by air in a year, average composition of your weekly diet, your household monthly electricity bill, waste generated in your household daily.

  4. Once you provide all the inputs, we multiply the inputs values with various emission factors using many complicated mathematical equations. The emission factors used in calculation of carbon footprint are sourced from IPCC, US EPA, DEFRA UK, World Bank, State / National Government Grid Emission Factor and also some emission factors taken from research papers published in reputed journals.

You can now see your annual carbon footprint in terms of “Tons of CO2eq/per year” in which the effect of all greenhouse gases are included based on their Global Warming Potential specified by the IPCC. (Note: 1 Ton is equivalent to 1000 kg).
What do you mean by natural climate solutions?
Natural climate solutions are those that are based on restoring, replicating, and enhancing Earth’s natural processes and capacities through practices such as sustainable farming, afforestation, and ecosystem restoration. Providing multiple co-benefits and helping to build a resilient climate, they are often considered superior to purely technical interventions.
How much does it cost?
Our offset plans fits every wallet and level of ambition. All plans cover offsetting your emissions by retiring high-grade carbon credits. We go even beyond and plant trees in your name for each offset you do with us. Our reward points help you make your living even more sustainable by making purchases in your favourite climate friendly stores. This is a reflection of our commitment to promote sustainable living wherever possible.
Most of our individual users spend from $18 to $27 to offset 1 ton of their emissions. Our offer for businesses is tailored depending on size and complexity, level of ambition, and scope of extra services requested. Get in touch or book a meeting to receive a personalized quote and together decide the best option to make it happen.
What is your business model?
80% of fee paid by you goes directly into climate saving projects i.e. into buying carbon credits and doing plantation. Our payment processing partner, Checkout charges 4% of the fee. The balance 16% helps us run Olive Gaea efficiently by spending in hiring, sourcing, development and operations.
What is Olive Gaea quality commitment for the offset projects in its portfolio?
Our project selection methodology is rooted in science and aligned with the ISO 14064 on greenhouse gas emissions and Greenhouse Gas Protocol. We follow the following due diligence process to review and select projects so as to bring to you the best you can trust when it comes to fighting climate change.

Step 1: Projects should be reviewed & certified by one of World’s major carbon standards registry such as Verra, Gold Standard, Plan Vivo or United Nation Clean Development Mechanism

Step 2:
Screened projects from step 1 are independently reviewed for following 4 parameters

  • Real: Evidence of actual removal/prevention or conservation

  • Additional: Emissions reduction would not have happened without the project

  • Unique: Each unit of reduction is uniquely identifiable

  • Permanent: Emission reduction is perpetual

Step 3: Finally Projects selectedfrom step 2 are go through Olive Gaea Project Review Framework
What happens once I subscribe?
A sum from your account will be released on a monthly basis to support selected projects. You’ll receive regular updates from the offset projects, trees planted for you and emissions prevented in your name, paired with stories from the field, data-driven insights, and new exciting projects to support, all tracked using proven state of the art technology. You can change your subscription preferences, offset projects, multipliers any time through your dashboard.
How do I track my progress?
Your dashboard will store the history of all the transactions and supported projects, allowing you to see exactly where the money has gone and how your projects are doing. You can also sign up to hear from us as often as you’d like.
Can I offset all my emissions?
Certainly, and it doesn’t stop there. You can offset your emissions by x2, x3, x4, or as much above your actual footprint as desired. We call this supercharging your carbon budget – going beyond offsetting your climate emissions to actually reversing your carbon clock . This means covering for your past and future emissions, or simply taking care to make the Earth better than it would be without you. It can also help cover for your spouse, children or anyone else who has yet to share your passion.
How can I renew my subscription?
You loved the positive impact you created and like to continue your climate journey, we help you remind closer to end of your annual subscription to renew. You can revise your footprint or change the offset project, or keep the same and continue the subscription from your dashboard.
How do I get my money back?
Cancel within 10 days after the subscription and get your full money back. You can also cancel your subscription anytime through the Dashboard and we will stop charging you next month straight. And yet, we would be glad to hear the reason to go. Could there be something we can do to change your opinion?
And what about the rewards?
Rewards at Olive Gaea is to promote positive sustainable behaviour across its patrons. We plant trees in your name with google map tags(for you to go and see your trees, if you wish) and get you a personal e-forest a where you can view your forest from your couch.
We get you Olive Gaea Reward points with each ton you offset, which can be redeemed at your favourite climate friendly store (with higher redemption value!!!) or otherwise from an exhaustive list of 200+ merchant stores.
With each AED 1000 spend, you get 250 reward points in Offset Core plan & 1000 reward points in Offset Advance plan.
How do I become an Olive Gaea ambassador?
Share with us your story of going climate positive with Olive Gaea and we will work together to amplify it and make sure it reaches those whom it can inspire and ignite. Of course, anything to be shared only upon your official consent.
How do I engage my customers?
By helping them offset the footprint by planting trees while making a purchase at the cart or checkout page using our tailored API solution. Think anything from fuel delivery and retail stores to taxi service, flights, and more. And as more customers demand sustainability, this can become a key part of your business offer.
Or you can simply offset their purchase by planting trees and gift them a climate positive product or service.

Why Newtrl, Why Now

The global climate crisis cannot be resolved by governments and businesses alone. Individuals share a common responsibility to act sustainably in their daily choices. As the world approaches 7 billion people, 3 billion are employed, according to a 2021 ILO report; employees have therefore an immense potential to fight against climate change.

From a corporate perspective, an engaged workforce is critical, as it increases productivity and retention rates, reduces absenteeism, helps attract talent, and improves customer happiness. While there are many ways to increase engagement, the most effective one is through Sustainability initiatives: these go a long way in improving brand reputation while fostering a culture of team building, trust and open communication among employees.

One strategy to ensure Sustainability employee engagement is via gamification and rewards, that is the integration of gaming and rewards mechanisms to enhance motivation and increase participation capitalizing on the natural human desire to play games and be recognized.

Olive Gaea's Newtrl App applies gamification and reward strategies to achieve multiple objectives:
• Improve Employee Engagement via CSR activities.
• Educate employees about sustainability and drive Sustainable Lifestyle choices contributing to a ripple effect aimed at fighting Climate Change.
• Provide businesses with crucial information about their Scope 3 emissions (which are associated with the Employees' carbon footprint) enabling them to both conveniently report on and effectively act to reduce their Carbon Emissions.

The Newtrl App provides an easy and fun platform for the management of CSR activities, data collection for Scope 3 emissions and Sustainability Reporting purposes, as well as an unprecedented opportunity to spur change and boost a more sustainable lifestyle among employees and their families.
Is this app right for my organization?
If your organization: • has 25+ employees • is based in the MENATI region • wants to engage its employees in a meaningful and fun way • is interested in sustainability or wishes to do more for its environmental impact in the future Newtrl is the right app for you!
How can I get the Newtrl app?
Newtrl can be downloaded from Apple and Google Play stores for free. However, Newtrl is a subscription-based app; organizations should reach out first to info@olivegaea.com to subscribe and receive the login credentials needed to use the app and extend access to their employees.
Can I try the Newtrl app before subscribing to it?
Please write to us at info@olivegaea.com for us to share the test credentials.
How long does the subscription last?
Access to the Newtrl app is based on yearly subscriptions.
How much does the app cost?
Please get in touch with us at info@olivegaea.com for us to offer bespoke pricing to you.
Who can download and use the app?
All the employees of the organization included in the program can download and use the app once the corporate subscription is active.
The organization's admin will also have exclusive access to the Newtrl dashboard to check data and statistics, manage offsetting programs and activities, make payments, and update the company wall, among other things.
What data can I retrieve from the dashboard?
The Newtrl dashboard allows organizations to monitor relevant data and statistics for employee management and sustainability reporting, including: • Total Carbon emissions offset as well as emissions offset by matching program, carpool activities, pledges, and electricity bills • Ongoing pledges • Sponsored activities • Rewards allotted • Number of active users
How is the organization and employees' data and privacy protected?
Review our Privacy Policy here.
What is the matching program?
The matching program is an optional program designed to help employees live a carbon neutral life with the support of their employer. Employees can opt to calculate their personal and family carbon footprint in the app and choose to offset it via verified carbon offsetting projects provided by Newtrl and selected by the employer. The payment for the offsetting shall be shared between the employee and employer as per the employer's discretion. The employees' shares shall be paid through minimal deductions from their monthly compensations.
What activities are included in the Field Activity section?
Subscribed organizations can select, develop, and add field activities with social or environmental benefits to Newtrl. Employees can be notified via the app and show interest to join a team building / field activity sponsored by their organization; they can book a place, receive details, and additional notifications before the activity. Employees can also upload the evidence of attending the activity in the app and receive reward points for their sustainable action.
How are employees rewarded for their climate action?
Employees are rewarded based on CO2 savings they do with matching programs, pledges and field activities. Rewarding options of more than 200+ merchant outlets are provided through Flabuless, one of the region's leading rewards marketplaces. The redemption of rewards can be done through the Newtrl app itself.
What is a carbon footprint?
Carbon footprint is a measure of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions released due to a particular activity, such as cooling your home, heating your lunch, or taking a flight from Dubai to London. Some of the activities, like producing phones, flying planes, or eating meat are particularly carbon intensive. Staked together over a certain period, those activities make up your individual or business carbon footprint.
Calculating your personal or business footprint is the first step to owning your climate story.
How is the carbon footprint calculated?
Newtrl is powered by Olive Gaea's in-house emission calculation tool built on ISO-14064 and the GHG Protocol.
What is carbon offsetting?
A carbon offset is a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide or GHG made in order to compensate for emissions made elsewhere. Offsetting is a way of paying for others to reduce emissions or absorb CO2 to compensate for your own emissions. For example, afforestation or reforestation projects enable carbon sequestration in soils or forests, or Renewable energy projects such as wind farms replace coal-fired power plants. Offsetting carbon emissions must always go hand in hand with sustainable strategies that aim at reducing the environmental footprint in the first place. Yet, carbon credits are still needed to offset the remaining carbon emissions’ balance. According to Mark Carney, the UN special envoy for climate, the offset market is “imperative … to achieve net-zero carbon emissions”.
What are the carbon offsetting projects listed in the app?
Organizations can select the offsetting projects that best match their values and sustainability goals during the set-up phase from the Newtrl portfolio curated by Olive Gaea. This is made of verified and certified carbon offsets, including Hydro and Renewable power projects as well as Nature-based solutions to Climate Change.
Refer our project selection methodology here
How can I help my organization become Carbon Neutral?
Get in touch with us at info@olivegaea.com!
You have got more questions? Click the chat-bot in the bottom right corner of the page to chat with someone from OG team.