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Our cutting-edge technology enables e-commerces and logistics companies to offer carbon-neutral deliveries, prioritizing sustainability. With our seamless API integration, businesses can monitor emissions from each delivery in real-time and empower customers to choose carbon-neutral options, offsetting GHG emissions

Reduce your e-commerce carbon footprint, build trust with eco-conscious customers, and join the movement towards a greener future with our accessible API services.

How Olive Gaea helps you in decarbonization


Keep track of your delivery emissions to effectively control and minimize your Carbon Footprint.


Fulfill the rising expectations for sustainability by taking concrete Climate Action, and enhance engagement with your clients.


Embrace sustainability to spur your business growth: do well by doing good!

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Showcase your climate commitment embedding carbon offsetting on your website.


Get instant details of delivery emissions and cost of offsetting.


Empower your customers to join your fight against climate change.


Monitor your customers' sustainability choices, track trends on your dashboard

Climate Change is a Business Risk


Expected increase of last-mile delivery by 2030 from a 2019 baseline


Increase in greenhouse gas emissions from last-mile delivery by 2030 in 100 cities


of millennials cite environmental protection as the reason for choosing alternatives to home delivery


Expected increase of last-mile delivery by 2030 from a 2019 baseline

Helping governments & private organizations go net zero

Engie Jaber, Climatize

Managing Director

"Olive Gaea’s programs, teams and financial factors really stood out. Their team is highly knowledgeable about calculating carbon emissions and has guided us sincerely, step by step, on accounting for all aspects of our business and selecting the right program and helping us in attaining a zero-carbon status"

Milind Modi

VP Finance

"We have been satisfied with Olive Gaea's engagement as GII selected two of the start-up's services: the Carbon Footprint Measurement and the Tree Plantation Campaign. The onboarding process has been smooth and easy. They have guided our team and provided support to collect the data for the Carbon Footprint analysis as needed."

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